Articles by Lucas Wesley Snipes


15 Secrets Behind A&E's Pawn Stars

If a person can put a price tag on a given item, there’s a significant chance that Rick Harrison and his family are interested in selling it at their Las Vegas pawnshop. How does this make them any di...


15 Attitude Era Wrestlers You Forgot Passed Away

In the constantly changing, wholly unique, and, at times, utterly bizarre WWE Universe, it’s rare for any two given sports entertainment fans finding themselves in complete agreement on the subject of...


15 Facts About The Gorilla Man, Earle Nelson

To many people, religion is something that protects their mind, body, or soul from the struggles of everyday life. Others don’t have much time for the concept at all, yet this alone hardly means they’...


15 Images Of Wrestlers Suffering Serious Injuries

Ever since sporting events have been broadcast on television, responsible organizations have been warning fans, “Don’t try this at home.” Being a scripted version of an athletic competition, it’s poss...

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