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The 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Cars Ever


There are certain possessions that indicate wealth and status above anything else. Designer clothes, although they can be very expensive, are affordable to many people if they really prioritize fashio...

12 Celebrities With Fluctuating Weight


Certain celebrities have looked the same for like the past 10 years. With a SWAT team of dietitians, stylists, colorists, personal trainers, makeup artists, and other professionals, these people remai...

20 Fascinating Facts About Friends


Friends is one of the most successful television shows of all time. The 2004 series finale had 52.5 million viewers making it the 5th most watched series finale of all time. The show spawned a long li...

The 15 Hottest Women In Comedy


Orthodoxy dictates that to be an attractive woman, one must be ladylike. To be ladylike, one must not make jokes, and especially not make vulgar jokes that attract chummy attention. At best, a lady ca...

The 15 Hottest Men In Comedy


From Bruce Vilanch to Louis C.K. to Weird Al, men in comedy are not usually very handsome. And why should they be? The point of comedy is to make people spit out their drinks, not flood their basement...

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