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The 16 Most Expensive Motorcycles In The World


As Good Charlotte once famously stated, “Girls don’t like guys, girls like cars and money.” The Times of India recently did an op-ed called: “Why do women always fall for the bad boy?” Jim Stark, Jame...

13 Recordings That Ruined Famous People

Most Shocking

A good video can make a career. “Bad Romance” launched Lady Gaga into superstardom. “Ain’t nobody got time for that” snagged the charismatic Sweet Brown several commercials, including one for a dentis...

11 Of The Secretly Grossest Common Foods


Many among us had to read Upton Sinclair’s 1906 denunciation of the Chicago meatpacking industry, The Jungle (fewer among us chose to read it -- nice to meet you, too.) The book, which exposed nauseat...

The 10 Most Ridiculous New Pokemon


Pokémon, everyone’s favorite cockfighting game, was tremendously inspired when it first came out. The creators took familiar animals and gave them exceptional abilities. Dogs were not listless house p...

25 Fun Facts About Family Guy


Family Guy has been around for thirteen seasons, with season fourteen beginning with all the other fall premieres. Seth MacFarlane is now 41 and, when the show began, he was 26 - his sprawling success...

The 15 Worst Places To Run Into Your Ex


In the “Happily Ever After” episode of How I Met Your Mother, Ted Mosby reveals that he has a map of New York City that he has carefully color coordinated to mark the places where he might run into hi...

The 15 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits Ever

The Poorest

The United States is a notoriously litigious place. When free market business practices trickle down into every sector of society, you end up with $3.50 per Lipitor pill  and ambulance-chasing lawyers...

10 Female Celebs Who Were Caught Cheating

Most Shocking

With songs like “Before He Cheats”  and “Hit ‘Em Up Style,” it seems like only men cheat on their partners. Expressions like “boys will be boys,” “men are dogs,” and “he has to sow his wild oats!” con...

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