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10 Things Women Think Before "Going Down"


Foreplay is an important part of intercourse. Without it, guys don't last as long, women have fewer orgasms, and everyone just seems a little bit more sexually selfish. But if you engage in it, it del...

10 Things You're Doing In Bed That She Hates


Whoever came up with the expression "Women are from Venus; men are from Mars" (hint: it was John Gray) was talking about sex (hint: he wasn't actually). But he could have been, because sex for men and...

The 10 Most Shocking Scandals Of 2015

Most Shocking

This year, it seemed like there was no end to scandals. Be it a white person being the head of an NAACP chapter or a hoagie-eating child-abuser, 2015 was one for the books (or was it? our attention sp...

10 Awkward Celebrity Prom Pictures


Prom is a delightful time for all. By the time it comes around, you're pretty much fully blossomed, what with your skin being clear and your braces having been removed. Hell, in fact a lot of people p...

10 Celebs Whose Star Fizzled Out

Most Shocking

Before “Hello”, the last we heard from Adele was almost five years ago, with the release of the album 21. Off it, she had monster hits such as “Rumor Has It”, “Rolling in the Deep”, and “Someone Like ...

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