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Lisa Dingman

My passions in life are reading and writing, which is why I greatly enjoy what I do for work. Observing the lives of the rich and famous is also one of my guilty pleasures and blending my passions of entertainment and literature together is nothing short of a dream. From exotic locations to the fastest cars, every article is an adventure I can't wait to experience.

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The Most Expensive Shoe Deals In The NBA

Lisa Dingman

Have you ever seen those amazing shoes that NBA players wear? They’re fancy, flashy and you could probably pour two or three soda cans into one of them. But did …

Need For Speed: 10 Of The Most Exotic Handmade Cars

Lisa Dingman

Since Henry Ford introduced the assembly line approach to making vehicles around a century ago, many car companies have worked with automated procedures to make it easier for vehicles to …

Must Have Gadgets For Your Luxury Car

Lisa Dingman

Have you taken a look at some of the incredible gadgets that luxury cars have these days? For instance, Tesla has a big 17-inch touch screen in many of its …

Retiring In Style: The Most Luxurious Retirement Homes

Lisa Dingman

The socioeconomic and cultural revolution triggered by the baby boomers generation, which the nation has been experiencing since the heady days of the 1960’s, has entered into its final cycle; …

College Football And The Most Expensive Stadiums

Lisa Dingman

Some of the most popular stadiums in all of college football are considered to be much more than venues for sporting events; they are shrines to the game. These include …

20 Daily Strategies Behind How To Become Rich

Lisa Dingman

Everyone wants to get rich, attain true wealth and have unlimited success in their lives. Everyone’s looking for new and better ways to do it, and for tips that will …

The Most Weird Yet Profitable Jobs

Lisa Dingman

Employment is something that worries many people. Finding a job in your domain can be difficult, but when you find the right job it makes all those worries go away. …

10 Steps To Marry A Millionaire

Lisa Dingman

There are a few select people out there who still believe that love like the one in The Notebook truly does exist. Most individuals though, come to the realization that instead of finding …

TheRichest List Of Sexiest Women In 2013

Lisa Dingman

Lists of the world’s sexiest women never get old. Men and women alike enjoy to browse the list, making sure that the women selected deserve such a title as “sexy”. …

Patek Philippe: The History Behind the Watches

Lisa Dingman

Patek Philippe is one of the world’s most prominent companies in the world of luxury watches. The company makes a number of high-end watches that are extremely expensive. This company …

Luxury Heels That Are Known For Their Comfort

Lisa Dingman

Everyone knows that women have a natural obsession with shoes. This is why there are so many shoe stores that sell women’s shoes exclusively. It doesn’t matter how nice a …

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