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High Life

12 Of The Best Celebrity Wax Figures

We have all read about celebrity wax figures that go horribly wrong but what about those that go amazingly right? These startling photos will have you taking a second look when you realize they are ac...

High Life

12 Celebrities Who Never Crack A Smile

Smiling is a natural thing; in fact studies tell us that it actually takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown. So why isn’t everyone smiling all the time; especially these celebrities that have ever...

High Life

10 Sexiest Pool Parties In The World

When we think about pool parties our first thought is of Las Vegas where daytime pool parties full of drunken tourists and leering locals are the norm; where the music is so loud you cannot hear yours...


15 Of The Most Disgusting Airline Passengers

Flight attendants are often thought to have a glamorous job; jet setting around the world, staying in nice hotels and meeting all sorts of people. All they have to do is serve some food and drinks, cl...


10 Of The Most Horrifying Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb exploded into the travel world offering travelers a new way to stay that was cheaper than hotels, a great way to visit new places and the chance to stay in unique accommodations. Used by over 1...


10 Of The Worst Celebrity Wax Figures

We cannot even imagine the work and detail that goes into creating wax figures and the pressure these artists must feel when they are trying to replicate these recognizable celebrities. This long and ...


The 10 Most Thrilling Cliff Dives In The World

It may look easy; after all they are just jumping off a cliff but don’t be fooled; cliff jumping is one of the most dangerous sports around. It got its nickname ‘tombstoning’ from the number of deaths...

High Life

10 Treehouses That Will Blow Your Mind

The concept of a treehouse started off with some old boards, nails and a rope ladder; built in the branches of the tree housed in the backyard by dad and his buddies. Treehouses have come a long way s...


10 Of The Most Disgusting Candies Ever Made

Candy….the magic word that turns otherwise angelic children into hyper maniacs, the thing that adults use to bribe their misbehaving children that are knocking over jars in the grocery store and the t...


10 Clothing Optional Beaches To Visit In 2015

There is something to be said about being able to bare it all when you are in a country that you don’t call home; where nobody knows who you are. There is something freeing about walking into the warm...


10 Of The Most Dangerous Hikes In The World

Adventure seekers, experienced hikers, climbers and anyone else that has ever gasped at a picture of someone standing at the precarious ledge of a cliff, wonders how they got there. What is it that dr...

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