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15 Male Celebs Who Love Tall Women

In dating, there are tons of social norms that are common to see in a couple. For example -- the man is usually the protector, he is usually bigger in every way, and the women is relatively smaller. D...


15 Celebs Who Shamed Taylor Swift

At just 16 years old, Taylor Swift released her first album, titled Taylor Swift, and seemingly took the world by storm. Worldwide, everybody was obsessed with the young girl's country charm, curly ha...

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Top 15 Leading Causes Of Death In The USA

For many people, death isn't something pleasant to think about. In fact, some people avoid thinking about it and their health altogether. While death is a scary thing, it's important to remember that ...


15 Insanely Hot 'Unknown' Wives Of Celebs

It's not a secret that most pairs in Hollywood are usually quite stunning. Tens often pair with tens, so it makes sense -- and in the world of the rich and famous, it's not hard to find somebody who's...

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