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High Life

10 Celebs Spotted With Hairy Armpits

Female celebrities are known for spending thousands of dollars each month on their looks. Many of them have their own beauty team that typically includes hair stylists, and makeup artists. According t...


15 Celebrities Who Hate The Public Eye

Being a celebrity is something that everyone wonders about, the large homes, expensive cars and massive paychecks. We all wonder if all of that is worth the fame and being endlessly hounded by the pap...


13 Celebs Who Don't Like Their Parents

Most families don't always get along. The reason for this varies from abusive behavior, betrayal, jealousy, or abandonment related issues. When it comes to celebrities, they also have family drama of ...


12 Sexy Celebs Who Are Older Than You Think

Looks can be very deceiving. The media is familiar with celebrities wearing lots of make-up, having plastic surgery, or even using botox to appear younger. There's so much pressure to sustain good loo...


17 Sexy Celebs Without Makeup

When a female celebrity is photographed, the world usually sees her with a full face of makeup during a red carpet event, party, or on the way to run errands. Most of them are very image conscious, an...


12 Of The Cutest Animals On Earth

Animals are admired and loved by millions of people throughout the world. Despite some species being endangered, there is an effort by organizations and people to help keep them safe. To provide more ...


13 People You Had No Idea Died This Year

When a well-known celebrity dies, the entire world hears about it right away. An example of this is when comedian and actor Robin Williams took his own life this year; as soon as people heard the news...


11 Celebrities Who Left Hollywood

Although being famous typically brings wealth and attention, some people don't enjoy the lifestyle. Imagine starting a job you think you'll love and then realize it's not at all what you thought it wo...


10 Of The Funniest Video Game Glitches

Millions of dollars and many hours go into the production of video games each year to create realistic worlds for gamers. Sometimes there are major glitches and bugs seen in top games such as Grand Th...

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