Articles by Lauren Amelia Charley


The Maldives: A Paradise Island Escape

The Maldives are an accumulation of marvelous islands located in the Indian Ocean, South West of Sri Lanka. Out of 1,190 coral islands spread over 90, 000 kilometers, a small percentage are inhabited ...


11 Of The World's Most Colourful Beaches

Most of the time when we travel to luxurious places, we choose our destination based on which offer the famous landmarks, urban shopping districts, lavish nightlife, or a relaxing paradise with the cl...

Celebrity Money

Pricey Celebrity Bar Tabs

Celebrities are adored by owners of ritzy nightclubs, not only because there presence attracts the business of hundreds of customers and grants the club a reputation as a prestigious hot spot, but als...


Namale Resort & Spa: Fiji's Top Rated Resort

We all dream about escaping to what Hollywood and National Geographic have come to naturalize as “paradise”. Beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, exotic plants and vibrant colours paint...