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Most Expensive

15 Of The World's Most Luxurious Cafes

Cafés are generally a cheap spot to enjoy a quick coffee and a bite to eat, but like nearly everything else in the world, luxury versions of cafés exist. Although the café originated in Europe and qui...

Celebrity Money

Top 15 Wealthiest Celebrity Children

As much as we’re fascinated with celebrities themselves, their children seem to draw us in an entirely different way. We can’t seem to keep ourselves from alternating between cooing at their cuteness ...


12 Of The Least Explored Frontiers On Earth

Today’s world is much smaller than it has ever been. With the rise of globalization, faster modes of transportation and the Internet, the Earth is more accessible and we are more connected than at any...

Most Shocking

12 Of The World's Most Isolated Tribes

For those of us living in the modern global world, a tribal lifestyle is incredibly foreign. However, a surprising number of people still live traditional lifestyles, completely cut off from modern co...


10 Celebrities Who Complain About Their Fame

Everyone has fantasized about fame and fortune at one point or another, while for some of us daydreaming is nearly a full time job. However, the saying “be careful what you wish for” definitely applie...

Most Popular

10 Of The World's Most Eligible Royals

After Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, met and married Kate Middleton in 2010, the world was taken by storm. Suddenly, everyone’s dream of marrying royalty and becoming a prince or princess seem...

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