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15 On-Set Kissing Stories As Told By Co-Stars

Laura Martisiute

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15 Celebs Who Smell So Bad Their Co-Stars Complained

Laura Martisiute

We tend to assume that celebrities are different from normal people. After all, they’re famous, rich and loved by fans worldwide. In addition, they always look good and they’re constantly …

15 Things That Hollywood Always Gets Wrong

Laura Martisiute

While Hollywood films are extremely entertaining they are not always realistic. Of course, there are exceptions. Historic dramas and biographical films have to adhere to facts somewhat. But even they …

15 Celebs Who Became Famous By Pure Chance

Laura Martisiute

It’s hard to imagine that most world famous celebrities were once normal people working normal jobs and having the same aspirations as the rest of us. To many, it seems …

15 Celebs Who Looked Hopeless As Kids

Laura Martisiute

Most celebrities are incredibly good looking. Their appearance is always flawless – their clothes are perfect, their body shape fit and their skin blemish-free. They look so good that we …

15 Tweets Celebs Were Forced To Delete

Laura Martisiute

Social media, and Twitter especially, has given celebrities a medium to express their opinions and connect with their fans instantly, as well as to share their beliefs with their fans …

15 Cringe-Worthy Hover Hand Pics We Can’t Unsee

Laura Martisiute

The Hover Hand phenomenon describes a situation where a man who stands close to a pretty woman lets his hands hover over the woman instead of physically touching her. In …

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