Articles by Kyial Robinson

Top "Yes Man" Moments


What is a "Yes Man" moment? It's when you or a friend say yes and as a result something foolish, bizarre, or magically funny happens. You know a yes man moment when you hear about it because your foll...

Best Ways To Break Up With A Person


Breaking up isn't hard; it’s only hard when you want to be nice about it. That's harsh, and so is the list you're about to read. Proceed with caution because your future ex will never get back togethe...

What Happens When You're Drunk In 2014


What doesn't happen when your drunk! Some of the best I mean worse, I mean... let's just say drinking is always unpredictable and here are some of the things you wish you saw coming.

20 Mean Gifts For Your Ex Boyfriend


Getting revenge on your ex is like eating ice cream with your girlfriends.  It’s cold! And you’re guaranteed to enjoy it. Let out your inner mean girl with these ideas.

20 Annoying Things Girls Say During Sex


Don’t you wish you could just look her in her beautiful eyes, dig deep down in your heart and say enough talking already!!!  Well it gets worse when a girl feels the need to say the darnest things dur...