Articles by Kristen Duvall


10 Sexiest NXT Divas, Ranked

One thing we can say about NXT is that it gives female wrestlers opportunities that they might not get if they were fighting on the WWE main roster. For that reason alone, NXT is known for their capti...


The 20 Most Hipster Cities in the World

What exactly is a hipster? Sure, many of us have our own preconceived notions about what it means to be a hipster – and most of those ideas aren't very nice. But the literal definition of a hipster is...

The Poorest

The 15 Most Hated Brands In The World

Public opinion goes a long way in business. In a world-wide economy, customers have many options for where they can do business. And thanks to the internet, news spreads fast. One little misdeed, and ...

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