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15 Spine-Chilling Broadcast Interruptions

Nowadays, with everyone and their six-year-old nephew having their own YouTube channel and new additions to social media like Facebook Live, seeing unexpected interruptions happen before your eyes is ...


15 Disturbing Things Found With Dead Bodies

When killers leave calling cards, it's a special kind of disturbing. They're obviously not ready to get caught and spend a few lifetimes in prison. Otherwise, they would have done the thoughtful thing...

Tech & Science

15 Creepy AF Apps That Only D-Bags Have

"There's an app for that," is something that you're likely to hear in just about any conversation concerning almost any situation. Today, there truly is an app for just about everything and anything.....

High Life

20 Photos That Will Make You Mad AF

Why did you open this list? We forewarned you that these photos will make you mad AF, didn't we? Oh well, too late to turn back now. Whether you have OCD so bad, it drives you crazy that it's not call...

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