Articles by Krissie Mick


15 Times Heidi Klum Won Halloween

Is Halloween your favorite holiday? According to The Harris Poll, Halloween has had the number three spot on lock for quite a while in regards to Americans ranking their favorite holidays year after y...


20 Dirty Secrets Revealed By Teachers

Moulding young minds can be gruelling, exhausting and at times, thankless work. Think about that kid that was in every class you had, K through 12. Sometimes, for the unluckiest of teachers, there was...


15 Things Americans Should Never Do In Dubai

Oh, the mysterious, ultra-luxurious land of Dubai. A magical, lively city with treasures that one can only dream of. Dubai beckons to the adventurous party-focused and the bucket list scratcher-offers...


15 Creepy Photos Of Patients And Iron Lungs

The iron lung is an obsolete and somewhat archaic device in today's modern world but back in the day, this was an innovative machine that saved many lives touched by the polio epidemic. An iron lung i...

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