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14 Of The Sexiest British Royals

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Those that have been and are currently in a position of power have always been dangerously desirable. Just look at England’s very own "Virgin Queen" Elizabeth I. A virgin she most certainly was not. S...

Top 15 Hottest British Celebrities Alive

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Birthplace of The Beatles, The Sex Pistols, Stella McCartney, The NHS, The Monarchy, William Shakespeare, The BBC, Rain, OASIS, The Rolling Stones, Cricket, Cider, Harry Potter plus the inventors of a...

20 Celebrity Men That Guys Will Go Gay For

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Sexuality was originally thought to determine who and what you were attracted to. But the recent discovery of the ‘Metrosexual Male’ seems to have changed the perception of the hot blooded 'macho' mal...

Top 20 LGBT Movies Of All Time


We now live in a world where LGBT themed movies are finally becoming much more visible, however it is important to not forget those that had originally paved the way.

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