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The 15 Hottest Celebrity Feuds Ever

Feuds, vendettas and quarrels have been around for what seems like forever, with the likes of Alexander the Great, Stalin, and Al Capone all involving themselves in a pesky squabble at one time or ano...


The 15 Most Successful Drunks In History

Everyone loves a drink or two, or five, or the pleasurable company of another person, but what of those who get really addicted? It is often claimed that those who indulge in the stuff, contribute not...

Most Shocking

15 Of The Longest Death Row Runs Ever

With capital punishment still active in a huge majority of the world, the debate still continues over whether or not it is a justifiable form of human intervention. Also known as the death penalty, th...


15 Things That Happen When You Turn 30

Remember as a teenager when you would stare in disbelief at the grotesquely old 30 year old men and women, completely unaware that one day that would be you. Remember being in your early twenties, bas...

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15 Assassination Attempts Gone Wrong

Since the beginning of time the object of assassination has become a standard practice in human culture. From political reasons, social reasons, to plain old torrid dislike, the idea of ending someone...

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15 Of The Most Powerful LGBT People

In 2015, the USA finally got on board with the majority of the western world by legalizing gay marriage, giving hope to a number of people across the country. It had seemed that the world was beginnin...

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