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15 Celebrities Who Stole Their Friend’s Fame


I am a half American half English freelance writer, movie nut and all round history buff.

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15 Women Who Made The Choice To Live As Men


From gender bending to cross-dressing, fluidity in orientation has been a common occurrence in society for ages. And now in the twenty-first century, gender constraints are at their most prolific with the topic …

The Island Of Death: 15 Freaky Cases In Thailand


One of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole world, Thailand is also one of the most beautiful. A firm favourite for backpackers and the younger crowd, Thailand has …

15 Chilling Secrets From Ex-Cult Members


Usually referring to a social group that has been defined by religion or certain philosophical beliefs, cults have been around since the beginning of time itself. Controversial to say the …

15 Prison Guards Who Fell In Love With Inmates


More common than you would think, prison officers have been having intimate and faithful relationships with inmates for years. Much more prominent within female officials, the prisoner and the guard …

15 Times Major Celebrities Were Racist AF


Unfortunately, in this sometimes sick and sad little world, racism is still extremely rife. Yep, from the far corners of the globe, to right in the middle of your home …

15 Little Known Facts About Malcolm In The Middle


First broadcast way back in the year 2000, Malcolm in the Middle ran for a whopping seven seasons and 151 episodes. Extremely popular, the show received critical acclaim, winning a number …

Where Are They Now? 15 Stars Of Harry Potter


Ah Harry Potter. A British institution, a magical empire, a film franchise worth watching. Harry Potter is one of the most successful sets of movies ever produced. Consisting of eight movies …

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