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10 Shockingly Terrible Celebrity Tattoos

Most Shocking

Once upon a time, getting a tattoo meant that you were one of the “bad boys” (or girls). Back then, the only people who got tats were the misfits, criminals and delinquents. If you saw somebody with i...

Top 7 Big Winners from the 2014 NFL Draft


After what seemed like an interminably long wait – one filled with endless smokescreens and misdirection – the 2014 NFL Draft finally got underway. The storylines, subplots, and drama leading up to it...

10 Outrageously Racist Moments in Sports

Other sports

Given his history, it was only a matter of time before Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling said or did something to land himself in hot water again. Despite the fact that he has-- inexplicably-...