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15 NXT Stars WWE Let Go To Waste


As a young teenager, I used to love watching WWE wrestling.  The Undertaker battling The Ultimate Warrior (and locking Warrior in an airtight casket!) is one of my first memories of those larger than ...

14 Celebrities Who Saved A Person's Life


All of us need role models as we grow up and make the difficult decision about identity that shape how are lives progress on a day to day basis. The lucky ones can look up to their parents for an exam...

The 15 Most Stressful Jobs Of 2016

Job & Salaries

At this time, it must be pretty stressful to be a fact checker for politicians. Among President Obama's State of the Union and all the Democratic and Republican speeches going on during this primary s...

10 Places To Visit If You Love Star Wars


Every little kid growing up watching the Star Wars movies wishes he or she could visit the exotic locations that Luke, Han, Anakin, Leia, and Padme  get to experience.  Flying through space in the Mil...