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15 Deadliest Legendary Swords In The World

One of the most enduring tropes in books, television and movies are legendary swords wielded by intrepid heroes, who proceed to smite enemies with the fabled blade. Some legendary swords are renowned ...

World Money

15 Utterly Shocking Facts About the War on Drugs

The War on Drugs is one of the most widely recognized failures of government policy on Earth, even though many American politicians and lawmakers seem to be terrified of the political fallout of being the first to admit that fact.

most shocking fifa scandals

15 Most Disturbing FIFA World Cup Scandals

The beautiful game has been sullied by FIFA for decades. Sepp Blatter, the chief of FIFA, an enormously wealthy non-profit organization, has lead the desecration of international football since 1998, ...


The 15 Sexiest Body Doubles In Hollywood

When Hollywood stars become rich and famous, their success helps to make their jobs and lives much easier. They can hire a variety of assistants to take care of annoying time-consuming tasks that regu...

The Biggest

The 15 Deadliest Mountains In The World

Conquering the deadliest mountains in the world provides one of the most difficult physical and psychological challenges that no one needs to undertake. Nonetheless, the human spirit endures, causing ...

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