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The 5 Worst Salaries In Professional Sports

When we think of pro athletes, images of fame and fortune inexorably spring to mind. Kobe’s jewelry. A-Rod’s lavish Hollywood Hills mansion. Mike Tyson’s tiger. But these guys are superstars in their ...


8 A-List Actors Whose Roles Got Axed

Once actors make it to the A-list in Hollywood, they - and their agents - reasonably assume their role in a movie is guaranteed to make it out of the cutting room entact. However, due to ruthless edit...

World Money

5 Infamous Criminals From Rich Families

Often when we think of the world’s most famous criminals, we think of the disturbed child who grew up in an impoverished broken home and went on to become a ruthless and twisted serial killer. Ted Bun...


6 Hollywood Movies Cursed By Bad Timing

Every once in a while, Hollywood gives us a hard-hitting, cinematic experience that perfectly speaks to the zeitgeist. On other occasions, a film is so painfully, unfortunately timed that audiences do...

High Life

The Youngest Self-Made Billionaires In 2014

Of the roughly 7 billion people on the planet, 1,645 have earned dollar amounts topping the one billion mark. Of those, just over a thousand are “self-made,” meaning they did not inherit the majority ...

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15 Celebrities Who Look Almost Identical

For the average person, being mistaken for a celebrity is enough to make your day. For celebrities, being confused with a famous rival is enough to haunt your career – and even cost you important, A-list gigs.


7 Hollywood Actors Who Interviewers Hate

With a script in hand and a director’s eye guiding the scene, A-list celebrities are at the top of their game. But strip away those glamorous crutches and make them perform live, unscripted and with t...

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