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15 Gross Things Women Do When Left Alone

Men and women aren't so different, you know. While men tend to be more open and less embarrassed about what they do in private (or maybe even in public), women tend to have the same dirty habits - or ...


10 Hardcore Backstage WWE Feuds Of The 2000s

Professional wrestling, or "sports entertainment," is notorious for creating some heated feuds in the ring. Yet sometimes, the best entertainment comes from what happens off-screen, in the locker room...

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13 Of The Hottest "Plastic" Celebrities

Another day in Hollywood, another plastic surgery. Most stars have had at least one nip or tuck here and there at some point in their careers. Having enlarged photos of their faces plastered on poster...

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The 10 Sexiest Convicted Female Criminals

Sex, drugs, rock & roll, and... felony convictions? It is no secret that women love a bad boy, but can the same be said for men? There must be some science behind the sex appeal of misbehaving. Is...