Articles by Kellie Byrnes

10 Heart-Stopping Sky Walks Around The World


One of the best ways to learn about and see the beauty of the world’s top sites is from above. I don’t mean from a plane, but from the many purpose-built observation decks and sky walks you can find a...

Top 10 Celebrity-Owned Restaurants


Not only are they busy making movies, music or sporting history, but many stars also seem to love branching out into the restaurant business. Depending on where in the United States (or even overseas)...

10 Of The Best Celebrity Wedding Planners


When the time comes to plan your big day, you’ll generally have a gaggle of girlfriends and family members on hand to help, as well as a multitude of magazines, blogs and books to read. However, would...

10 Unique Tree-house Stays Around the Globe


No longer are trees just the domain of Tarzan. As more and more people find they need to unwind from life’s stresses, the novelty and retreat of a tree-house hotel stay is increasing in popularity. Tr...