Articles by K.C. Morgan

10 Old Shows That Were Racist

Most Shocking

Popular television shows from the past are always remembered a little fondly, through the misty lens of memory that softens all the hard edges. It would be easy for everyone to continue remembering th...

The 15 Most Promiscuous Cities In The World


Hot people, loose morals, lots of flirting and plenty of bare skin. Some cities really do seem to have it all. There are cities that are known for fashion, cities that are known for food and even some...

The 10 Worst Theme Parks In The World

The Poorest

Tired of all the fun roller coasters, the train rides, the gift shops, the licensed characters and all those other ho-hum sights you’ll find at amusement parks all over the world? When you want amusem...

The 10 Best Reasons To Date A Gamer


If you’re tired of going on bad dates with inappropriate and inattentive partners, it’s time to change things up. Start dating someone who has all the qualities you want in a partner, from smarts to p...

10 Powers You Never Knew Superman Had


Superman was born in Action Comics #1, in the year 1938, totally changing the superhero game when he arrived on the scene with his spandex and perfectly-chiseled jaw. Since 1938, there is practically ...