Articles by Kate Walls

10 Digital Moguls Who Started Young

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The internet is, as some politician famously said, a series of wires and tubes.  To be just a tad more technical, it's actually a world-wide system of connected computer networks.  It originally began...

5 Crazy Reality Show Concepts That Bombed

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To misquote Karl Marx, reality tv is the opiate of the masses.  Who hasn't spent an hour or two sucked into the drama of 7 strangers in a house doing not much of anything, or watching ambiguously mafi...

The 5 Richest Fitness Empires

World Money

Who doesn't want to look like an extra from the cast of 300?  Or, if your tastes happen to run more subtle, a 1970's-era Arnold Schwarzenegger?  Technically, this could be accomplished by eating nothi...

5 Former Child Actors Who Lost It All

National Money

Our culture has a fascination with child stars, and understandably so.  They're cute and precocious they can be prompted to recite hilarious lines.  However, as it has often been observed, accumulatin...

The 5 Richest Greek Entrepreneurs

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As the cradle of modern civilization, Greece has contributed countless innovations to humankind. From roughly 460 BC- 146 BC, Greeks dominated the ancient world by way of cultural developments and mil...