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Karl Utermohlen

Karl is a passionate sports and music fan whose work covers the best and worst sides of fame in our pop culture. He is also a tech aficionado who believes computers, gadgets and video games add beauty to our day-to-day lives.

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15 Movie Drinking Games for Spring Break

Karl Utermohlen

Spring break is upon us for many college students and graduates. Those who are looking to break free from the monotony of daily life with a little bit of fun …

The 15 Most Awkward Moments in Live TV History

Karl Utermohlen

The 2017 Academy Awards ended with a twist that no one saw coming, resulting in one of the most awkward and bizarre moments in live television history. The organization in …

The 15 Most Dangerous Rock Concerts In History

Karl Utermohlen

Rock concerts have become synonymous with rebellion, teenage angst and a practical way of blowing off steam. Live music are treats, designed to give us a break from our daily …