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Karen Grant

Karen is a freelance writer with a career background in a variety of industries, and extensive experience in communications and marketing. Her love of books and writing started at an early age and is her passion. When not working, Karen enjoys films, travel, history, social media and baking.

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10 Apps To Help You Research Your Family History

Karen Grant

If you’re interested in your family history, there is a wide variety of genealogical apps available for people planning to create a family tree. Whatever mobile device you use, there …

12 Travel Apps To Help You Have A Great Trip

Karen Grant

Winter seems to be lingering much longer than usual this year so many people are already thinking of planning a vacation, or hoping a business trip will take them to …

Is Free Online Education About To Change The World?

Karen Grant

Most would agree that having an education makes a positive difference in a person’s life. However, access to learning isn’t available to everyone, particularly at the university level. For decades …

10 Web Tools For A Successful Career Search

Karen Grant

Despite this month’s recently reduced unemployment numbers in countries like the US, Canada and the UK, there are still millions worldwide without permanent work, whether full or part-time. Official government …

The Top 10 Marketing Influencers You Should Follow

Karen Grant

In today’s fast-paced business world, everyone seems to be talking about marketing and branding. Whether a company is looking to connect with its target market on social media, or an …