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10 Reasons Why She Won't Do "That" In Bed

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“Why can’t we do that?”, “OMG you say ‘no’ to everything!”, “Why can’t we just try that again? You might like it this time!”How typical are all of these statements when you are in a relationship? Guys...

10 Ways People Get Drunk Without Alcohol

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Society is always looking for ways to advance on something that is damn near perfect; and what kind of people would we be if we were not always trying to better ourselves? However, some things just sh...

10 Sexy Things Every Couple Should Try

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Who ever said that hanging out with your partner had to involve something sexual and that this act should be considered as your weekly quality time spent? Granted, sex plays a very important role in a...

10 Of The Most Current Popular Drugs

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It never really matters how bad drugs are for you; either you are too far gone to care or just like to “let loose” every once in a while and assume that these drugs in small doses will never be able t...

10 Signs Your Bromance Is Becoming Toxic

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Ah, the bromance; it has always been around but only recently has someone come up with a perfectly fitting word to associate it with. A bromance consists of two male friends who are essentially attach...

12 Bra Problems Every Girl Can Relate To

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Bras, what can anyone say about them? It seems as though you have to take the good and bad and the in between when it comes to finding a bra that is even somewhat likeable. Let’s be honest, we as wome...

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