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10 Celebs Rocking The Pixie Cut (And 10 That Need To Go Back To The Stylist)

Kaye L

Journalism graduate who is mastering her pop culture knowledge. A lover of movies, TV, music and all things entertainment.

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15 Incredibly Hot Women Of Telemundo TV

Kaye L

Telemundo is a Spanish language network known for its trashy, yet exciting telenovelas, which Americans call soap operas. However, telenovelas are known for bringing way more drama than soaps, and …

15 Celebs Who Prove Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Kaye L

There has long been the understanding that money cannot buy happiness. People have backed up this statement with cliches like; money cannot keep you warm at night, money is not the …

15 Cancelled Cartoons That Need To Make A Comeback

Kaye L

They just don’t make cartoons like they use to. Classic cartoons have a cooler vibe, more personality, no underlining jokes, and just straight up funny content. Who else is longing …

15 Of The Most Private Hollywood Celebrities

Kaye L

Who says you can’t lead a private life in Hollywood? Celebrities have a hard time hiding from the bright lights of the paparazzi‘s cameras. Everywhere they go, there are people …

Inner Beauty: 12 Unattractive Celebs We Love Anyway

Kaye L

Celebrity-obsessed people know that Hollywood is full of good looking individuals. We also know that being good looking is mostly what helps these celebrities to land their roles — well …

14 Movies That Make You Miss Your Childhood

Kaye L

Ah, the 90’s, there was nothing like it. Playing outside only to come back in itching something fierce because you have rolled in the grass one time too many. Watching …

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