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realities of getting older

Top 10 Harsh Realities About Getting Older


There is something weird that happens when you reach a certain age. The exact age is different for everyone, but at one point in time you will realize that you have an un-realistic view on the world. ...

best summer date ideas

10 Amazing Summer Date Ideas


During the long and painfully cold winters, most couples end up being very lazy. Date nights consist of movies by the fire and keeping each other warm. We spend our winters talking about all the thing...

10 Signs That You Have Found "The One"


In life, whether you admit it or not, we are all looking for that special person to spend the rest of our days with. When you are in love, you never know when or if the relationship is going to end. W...

Top 20 Things You Must Do Before You Die


The other day I came to a realization, I am getting older and there is so much I still need to do. As a human we must live each day with a purpose or else we will be caught in a haze of daily activiti...

15 Amazing Diet Tips To Get You Summer Ready


Now that summer is here it is time to seriously start shaping up and getting on track with your summer diet. We all know the basics of eating well and working out but there is so much more you can do ...

10 of the All-Time Worst Celebrity Parents

The Poorest

From the outside, celebrities look like they have it all; fame, money, power and happiness. However, sometimes when you look closely, you realize that you would rather be poor and living in a small to...

hottest celebrity dads

Top 15 Hottest Celebrity Dads

Celebrity Money

A lot of people in today’s society become obsessed with celebrities and everything to do with them, including their offspring. Celebrity children are often times even more beautiful than their parents...

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