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hottest royals

Top 10 Sexiest Royals in the World

Royalty is probably the most elite and tight circle you can ever be a part of. Being royalty is not something you earn, it is something which is passed down through generations. We like to call those ...

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The 10 Most Attractive World Leaders

Throughout history we have seen some good looking world leaders. However, right now, in 2015, the world has the hottest leaders they have ever seen. Presidents and Prime Ministers from around the worl...

10 signs she's a one night stand

Top 10 Signs She's a One-Night Stand

There was a time when one-night stands were considered taboo. The women who participated in them were considered “easy” and the men considered “pigs.” However, times have changed. Nowadays it is extre...

10 signs she's no longer into you

10 Signs She is No Longer Into You

Women are funny creatures. On one end of the spectrum, they love sharing their feelings. However, when it comes to ending a relationship, they often find themselves at a loss for words (probably the only time a woman is at a loss for words).

reasons she's bad at sex

10 Signs She Will Be Awful In Bed

Lets be honest, ladies, most of us think we are pretty awesome in bed. The reason we all think this is because no guy has ever complained about our performance. However, the truth is that there is a chance you suck in bed.

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