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15 Things All Men Want Women To Do More

High Life

Men and women are incredibly different, this is nothing new. Men and women tend to disagree on a lot of things and a lot of the time they do not see eye to eye. Men think women are crazy and women thi...

15 Female Bloggers With The Hottest Bodies

High Life

The world of social media has completely taken over our generation. Social media has its pros and cons, however in this list we will be focusing on one of the biggest pros, namely the beautiful women ...

15 Things That Are On Every Man's Bucket List

High Life

A bucket list is like a “to do” list of all the things you want to experience before you die. So with the new year quickly approaching, it got us at TheRichest thinking about what we wanted to do befo...

15 Things All Men Want Women To Stop Doing

High Life

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, this is something we all know. Yes, men and women are different, however there are inherent similarities that keep the circle of life going. Men, like women, d...

15 Things Many People Regret About Their 20s

High Life

Your twenties are without a doubt some of the best years of your life. There are so many memories to be had, friends to be made and dates to go on that sometimes it is hard to get a grasp on what is r...

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