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Model Vitiligo

10 Women Who Are Completely Redefining Beauty


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, in today’s society, the idea of beauty seems to be set. Beauty however, is a term that has been loosely used throughout history. Beauty is constantly evo...

Couple Making Out

10 of the Worst Places to Ever Have Sex


There is something thrilling about having sex in exotic locations. However, there are certain boundaries that even the most adventurous lovers should not cross. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, yo...

Self-Conscious Woman

15 Things Women Hate About Themselves


Every woman is different and every woman is self conscious about certain aspects of themselves. Women are often times overly critical when it comes to themselves, however in a society that is so consu...

15 Instagrams You Need To Follow Now


With countless Instagram accounts out there, sometimes it's hard to know what to follow. With countless celebrities posting their every move on social media, it's tough for other pages to compete. How...

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

11 Celebrities Who Look Incredible For Their Age


Many celebrities are beautiful, however, with the amount of drugs and partying done in Hollywood many celebrities don’t age as well as they should. Everyone wants to know how to look better with age a...

The 15 Hottest NBA WAGs of 2015


Basketball players are hot. They are tall, strong, and successful and are known to have a good time. On the outside, professional athletes look like they have it all; money, fame, and extremely beauti...

Katherine Webb

Top 20 Hottest NFL WAGs of 2015


Men adore football, and for good reason. Football is a great American game that many men have been playing and following their entire lives. Although most boys dream of being a professional athlete, o...

Scary Skinny Celebrities

15 Celebrities Who Are Scary Skinny

Most Shocking

Pressure in regards to body image surrounds modern day society. It's hard to escape the pressure of being thin when everywhere you look there are models, actresses and singers that are beyond thin. Wh...

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