Articles by Kasparas Asmonaitis


15 Sketchy And Horrible Facts About Dubai

Many people will tell you that Dubai is the most exciting city in the world. All the luxurious skyscrapers, tons of gold, and the most expensive cars attract more and more tourists every year. On top ...


15 Disturbing Nightmares That Became Reality

Dreams are super mysterious and unknown to us. We just go to sleep at night and wake up remembering some random stories that happened in our heads but actually never took place. We call them dreams, a...


16 Disturbing Facts About The Soviet Union

The Soviet Union was the biggest aggressor of the 20th century. All of Europe had to live under a veil of oppression, dictatorship, and violence. The Communist Party of The Soviet Union ruled over a m...


15 Shocking And Disturbing Photos From China

There is nothing better than diversity in the world. Whenever we get tired of our routine, we can be sure that there are plenty of places around the world where people are living under entirely differ...


15 Prison Escape Stories That Are TRIPPY AF

Breaking the law is wrong on so many levels, but can be so exciting and profitable. The world is full of crooks, thieves, killers, con men, and gangsters. These people usually have a lot of adventures...

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