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Top 10 Items Polluting The World's Oceans

The tragedy of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 in recent weeks has had search teams from around the globe out looking for the already infamous and historical plane. Relatives of the plane’s passengers as...

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The Year's 10 Biggest Health Stories

When the average person reaches for health articles, do they want to read complex, clinical studies on rare and unknown disorders? Do they want to read about results that have been conclusively establ...

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The 10 Male Features Women Like Best

What is it that ladies first notice in a man? Or should we say, on a man? Which feature 'pops out'? Perhaps you have a thing for hands and look first at how strong they are, or whether or not he keeps...

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The 10 Worst Inventions In History

For those with highly creative minds (or just too much time on their hands), it can be fun to come up with wild hypothetical inventions - that is, inventions that never actually get made. People often...

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The 10 Healthiest Brain States In America

Many of us spend time worrying about our diet, how much exercise we're getting, and how physically fit we feel. This is, after all, something that's quantifiable thanks to the dreaded bathroom scales ...

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5 Biggest Government Hacks of All Time

Twenty years ago, when people wanted to retrieve government documents they had to resort to espionage, bribery or theft, and sometimes a combination of all three. These days there are still those who ...

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Ten of the World’s Biggest Bugs

Some people, it seems, aren't grossed out by anything. Others get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about bugs. Insects are the largest “animal” group on Earth, making up somewhere around 90 % of all l...

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10 Beers Voted The Best In The World

In a competitive industry, beer marketers have been pushed to be creative and unique. This has led to some of the most memorable advertisements in modern marketing history, as well as some very intere...

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10 Most Eligible Gay Bachelors

OUT magazine put out a call for votes before Valentine’s Day this year, asking men to vote for who they thought were the 10 most eligible gay bachelors of 100 hot names listed. This is the fourth year...

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2014’s 10 Biggest Medical Innovations

Remember the Bionic Man? How about Ironman? Imagine if medical innovations really could replace a heart with something that turned you into a superhero, or an eye that saw for miles. What if you were ...

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10 Most Popular Niche Dating Sites

When it began, internet dating was taboo; it had a reputation for being a bit of a last resort.  Now it’s part of normal life, replacing the bar scene for some, church socials for others, or meeting i...

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The Most Mesmerizing Male Movie Stars Ever

What makes a man attractive? Is it those universally adored symmetrical features we’ve heard about, the perfect ratio? The distance between eyes and length of the mouth? Is it personality? Yes, and ye...

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The 5 Poorest Countries in Africa

The CIA's World Factbook lists the GDP per capita for 229 of the world’s countries and by these standards, Qatar is - unsurprisingly - the richest. But with the world's wealth notoriously unequally di...

National Money

Ten Richest Countries at Sochi

Perhaps the most controversial Winter Olympics in history, this year Sochi, Russia has been the focus of several international headlines - many negative. Everything from the dire state of the city's h...

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10 Biggest Global Threats in 2014

The World Economic Forum in Geneva was founded and is chaired by Dr. Klaus Schwab, an engineer and economist with an impressive CV. Schwab graduated summa cum laude with a PhD in Economics, has an eng...

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