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The Biggest

The 10 Oldest Items In The Known World

Whenever we think of ancient objects, many of us think of Greek and Roman artifacts: statues, columns and even jewelry. If we get to thinking along the lines of archaeology, a whole world opens up: Wh...

Most Expensive

The World’s 10 Most Expensive Rums

Manufactured from sweet sugarcane and made famous in the Caribbean during an era when pirates still roamed its seas, rum has been enjoyed for centuries - but not always by the common man. These days, ...


The 10 Cheapest Countries For Air Travel

If you had to guess the cheapest air travel destinations in the world, which factors would be key to your inference? Perhaps the price of fuel in that country would be relevant. You might consider how...

National Money

The 10 Cheapest Colleges in America

Many young people choosing to continue their education past the high-school level are faced with financial challenges, especially in the US where tuition fees often run into the tens of thousands per ...

National Money

America’s 8 Thinnest States

For three of the last four years, the US state with the lowest percentage of obese people has remained the same. The state which took first place in 2013 is now at No. 3. This sort of data shows that ...

Most Shocking

7 Cases Of Horrifying Vacation Nightmares

What’s your worst vacation story? A Thanksgiving where the whole family ends up in an argument, a winter vacation where it rained the whole time or the airport lost your bags? Maybe it rained the whol...

Most Shocking

9 Of The World's Most Evil Psychiatrists

Any crime committed by any person is wrong, but when the crime is committed by a person in a position of authority and trust  — a teacher, police officer, priest or doctor — it can be all the more dis...

Most Shocking

10 College Majors Having The Least Sex

We recently looked at a Studentbeans' survey on students having the most sex by area of study. The 'Inter-course League', as part of their Sex Survey each year, surveys more than 63 fields of study in...

Other sports

The World's 10 Richest Sports Teams

When sports fans in North America think about sports teams that make money, they usually think baseball, American football, and hockey - though the latter comes in far behind the first two in terms of...

Most Influential

10 Celebrities With Autism

ASD, meaning Autism Spectrum Disorder, refers to a disorder with a widely varying range of severity. All people within this spectrum, however, have varying degrees of difficulty in three main areas: s...

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