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The 10 Celebrity Couples That Shocked Us

Whether it’s an extreme age difference, or polar opposites, no one does baffling and bizarre like the rich and famous. They are already in the limelight with the media and public as a result of their ...


10 Celebs Who Were Banned From Talk Shows

There’s a long list of celebrities who have been blacklisted from talk shows for one reason or another. Whether it’s for understandable reasons such as setting a chair on fire, or it’s a personal vend...


20 Of The Best Feelings Ever!

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can give us the greatest pleasure. It doesn’t have to be something sexual or super intimate for your body to produce endorphins. Something as simple as po...


15 Of The Weirdest Deep Fried Foods

State and County Fair season is about to begin, and with that comes rides, contests, and the infamous deep fried foods. Each year, fair vendors go to extreme levels to come up with the weirdest deep f...


15 "Foods With Benefits"

Get your shopping list ready! Below are some provoking, seductive, and sensual foods that are sure to give you benefits with each bite!


15 Things You Didn't Know About Barbara Walters

After a 50 year television career, Barbara Walters is saying goodbye to her journalism career. Walters, who is 84, will leave The View this Thursday May 16, 2014. A journalist, media personality, and ...


15 Things You Didn't Know About Instagram

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing service that lets users upload pictures, apply certain “filters”, and share it with their followers. Instagram’s addictive site is infamous for selfies, as ...


15 Exotic Animals You Can Legally Own

Move aside dogs, cats, and fish! Now a days zoos aren’t the only place you will find wild and exotic animals. Now you can legally purchase one for your own home! It’s estimated that over 20 million Am...


Top 20 Internet Memes

A popular way to let people know how you are feeling is to post or send a meme. Whether it’s annoyed, amusing, sarcastic or witty, memes are growing daily and traveling faster than light through socia...


20 Commercials Featuring Now-Famous Actors

Hollywood is brimming with many talented faces, and if we search hard enough we just might find that many started off in television commercials. Before achieving epic stardom from their Hollywood role...


Top 20 Motivational Quotes From Billionaires

Finding inspiration is fundamental to your success. It’s the chief motivator and driving force for both your personal life and career. Having a motivated state of mind is vital to your happiness, and ...


15 Actors Who Were Injured On Set

Actors put their lives on the line for their job, and many go above and beyond for their roles. Unfortunately, this can lead to injuries on set. It’s rather admiring that many actors out there will pe...


Top 10 Director and Actor Power Couples

Being married to someone within the same profession has a wide array of benefits. Not only do they share common goals, but they understand the stress and pressures that go along with the career. Shari...

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