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15 Things Wrong With CBS's Supergirl

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Unlike in the cases of Arrow and The Flash, I actually don't have a very good taste for Supergirl. Out of all of the superhero shows currently on, it has to be my least favorite. Do I blindly despise ...

15 Things Wrong With The CW's The Flash

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When the CW first decided to create a television show based on DC's Green Arrow, they were met with much skepticism to say the least. However, the show was successful enough that in the second season,...

12 Things Wrong With The Deadpool Movie

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I'm probably going to get a lot of backlash for this article, but such is the world of writing. Deadpool has been one of the most interesting success stories in the world of comic book movies since th...

15 Things Wrong With The CW's Arrow


Before I go any further, I have to confess that Arrow is currently my favorite superhero show on television right now. I do not think it's the best (that spot belongs to Daredevil), but I enjoy this o...

10 Oscar-Winning Films For Real Men


Dramas, true tales, and inspiring stories: these are the all the kinds of films that make it into the Oscars. Whether you feel as if the Oscars are fair or not it's a filmmaker's dream to get up on th...

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