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The 15 Hottest Wrestling Matches Ever

Among the Internet Wrestling Community, it seems like bad form to ever admit that any female wrestler is good looking, or God forbid, sexy. The IWC tries to position itself as an expert group who is a...


The 11 Hottest Female Wrestlers Not In WWE

Looking up and down the roster of WWE’s Diva and NXT’s Women’s divisions, there are plenty of great wrestlers, and plenty of bad ones. The one thing you won’t find is an ugly woman in the bunch. While...


12 Things You Didn't Know About The Female Body

It’s no secret men and women are different. John Gray cashed in with Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus a little over 20 years ago to the tune of 50 million copies. In fact, that book was the bes...

Most Shocking

The 10 Grossest Celebrity Habits

At a young age, we all learn that there are things we can do that are gross and disgusting. At a young age we learn that if we want attention, we can do those gross and disgusting things. After a nega...

Most Shocking

15 Celebs Who Have Battled Sex Addiction

Ever since a certain golfer blamed sex addiction for his indiscretion with over a dozen women while he was still married, it seems like you can’t go more than a week before a celebrity is diagnosing t...

Most Influential

15 Awesome Last Words Said Before Death

So few people have the sense or opportunity to recognize when they utter their last words, but when well-known people are among this minority group, we get the cliche, “Famous Last Words.” It’s cool e...


The 15 Worst Wrestling Theme Songs Of All Time

There’s a man in wrestling who has sold over 6 million albums -- and it’s not The Honky Tonk Man. We’re talking about Jim Johnston, a man who has been with the company since 1995 and has created some ...


11 TV Shows That Overstayed Their Welcome

A lot of different factors can go into a list of television shows that stayed past their welcome. It’s easy to look at any new Fall season and pick the shows that aren’t going to make it to a second s...


11 Things We Loved About The '90s

It’s hard to explain Vanilla Ice, Right Said Fred and Gerardo to anybody who wasn’t there, but for those who lived through the one-hit wonders, they know the 1990s were a decade of wonder. Bill Clinto...

Sports (old)

The 15 Hottest Female Sports Reporters

Is there a specific type of woman who gets hired to be a correspondent or sideline reporter for sports these days? Are “sideline Barbies” sought, or is it just a big coincidence? Just ask Pam Oliver, ...


10 Sexy Supermodels Who Have Gone MIA

While the term “supermodel” can be found to regularly describe the most famous models of a given time as early as the 1960s, the term didn’t come into prominence until the mid-1980s. While there had b...

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