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15 Stupid Myths About Our Baby Makers

OK, class, we’re going to have to act like grown-ups (or at least try to) on this one while still channeling that inner elementary school playground self that heard a bevy of myths about our private p...


15 Hottest Photos Of WWE’s Alexa Bliss

Female wrestling as presented by the WWE has certainly taken a turn in the last two years. Go back 40 years ago and women were not judged on their looks as husky, average looking gals in ill-fitting o...


Top 15 Hottest Photos Of WWE's Carmella

A little less than two years ago a new woman popped onto the WWE radar. Back when they were still called divas, this woman was different. She could act, she could get physical and she looked great. Th...


15 Ways Total Bellas Proves John Cena Is A Jerk

It’s long been a topic for debate on professional wrestling websites if John Cena, like Hulk Hogan or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, could play a bad guy at some point in his career or if like Ricky “The ...

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10 Reasons You NEED To Read This List NOW

So what’s the big deal? What is it about this list that you need to read it right now? Well, we’re not going to tell you in this introduction because then you probably wouldn’t read the list. Most of ...


WWE's 19 Most R-Rated Moments

The WWE makes a big deal these days pointing out that they are programming appropriate for the entire family, highlighting things like their Make-A-Wish visits, anti-bully campaigns and help fighting ...

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11 Things The Internet Killed

Most of the seniors who are graduating college in 2016 were born in 1994, which many point to as the year the Internet started to make major in-roads into people’s home with services like America Onli...


The 13 Hottest Celebrity Santa Pictures

If Halloween has taught us anything, it’s that you can take just about any occupation, animal, historical or mythical figure and create a sexy costume out of it. Be it a policeman, a pirate or a full-...

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