Articles by Joshua Laurent


15 Dirty Secrets Behind The Making Of Storage Wars

You can’t create a “reality show” without the ability to be flexible with what you consider reality. For producers of the most of the shows you see on television, the reality they want you to believe in is the one they put in front of you.


WWE's Bayley Looks Sizzling In These Pics

Bayley is a decent wrestler. The real-life Pamela Jean Martinez grew up a huge wrestling fan and followed her passion into the business and is making her dream come true every time you see her enter the ring.


15 Vixens Vince McMahon Needs To Hire ASAP

There’s some lament among wrestlers that the only true “big time” left is the WWE. Sure, their roster is bigger than it ever has been, but back in the '70s, '80s, and '90s, when you had organizations ...

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