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Joshua Laurent

Joshua Laurent is a freelance writer from New England who has written articles for magazines, newspapers and websites for around 20 years.

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15 Famous People You Thought Were Dead… But Aren’t

Joshua Laurent

There are some older celebrities, like Betty White, whom we see on television all the time. She’s been pounding away role after role on the small screen literally since television entered …

WWE’s Bayley Looks Sizzling In These Pics

Joshua Laurent

Bayley is a decent wrestler. The real-life Pamela Jean Martinez grew up a huge wrestling fan and followed her passion into the business and is making her dream come true …

15 Vixens Vince McMahon Needs To Hire ASAP

Joshua Laurent

There’s some lament among wrestlers that the only true “big time” left is the WWE. Sure, their roster is bigger than it ever has been, but back in the ’70s, …

15 Things We Absolutely Hate About Tim Allen

Joshua Laurent

There are people that you can look at in Hollywood and wonder how they’ve lasted so long. It doesn’t make sense to us that the Kardashians lasted more than six …

15 TV Hotties You’ll Never See Again After This Year

Joshua Laurent

While streaming services and four million cable channels have changed how television works a little bit, the spring and early summer are still generally when television shows learn their fate …

15 Serial Killer Memes That Are Twisted AF

Joshua Laurent

Why do memes exist? Ninety percent of the time, it’s to be funny. Usually, there is some kind of irony between what is pictured and what the words are meant …

Sit On It! 15 Female Wrestlers With The Best Buns

Joshua Laurent

One of the things we don’t miss about the WWE Attitude Era is Jerry Lawler always saying stupid things about the divas’ bodyparts. It’s not that we didn’t agree with …

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