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10 Theories About The Psychology of Sex

Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew what other people were thinking? But since we are a long way from mastering the art of telepathy, we’re all going to have to keep guessing. However, modern psychology - ...


15 Rules to Remember When Drunk Texting

Let's face it: if you're drunk, you're going to text. Sure, you've been doing it forever, so what harm can come from it? You might think that, by now, you're a pro at it. That's right, you're a textin...


20 Reasons We'd Stay Teenagers Forever

Ah, fond memories. We all remember the days when we were young and had our whole lives ahead of us. Being a teenager had its fair share of problems, but it also had more than its fair share of advanta...

The Biggest

10 of the Biggest Drug Seizures in History

If you've read some of the recently published pieces on the black market industry and the war on drugs, you probably have a good idea of just how big the money in drug trafficking is. Because of the i...

Most Shocking

The War on Drugs in 6 Disturbing Facts

Starting early as 1914 with the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act, the war on drugs has been waging on American soil for more than 40 years. Since then, there have been a number of laws, acts and initiatives...

National Money

Top 10 States Buying the Most Sex Toys

If you’re single, in a committed a relationship or have been married for years, the desire for something a little more tantalizing in the bedroom may be too much to ignore. Everyone has their own way ...

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8 of the Most Popular Erotic Novels

Long before movies and television, there was the written word. Novels have often controversially transcribed both subtle and graphic sexual acts in all their amusing, erotic and sometimes even disturbing forms.

National Money

10 Richest Medical Professions

Many of us probably wanted to be doctors growing up, or at least played at doctors and patients. Even if we didn’t know very much about the profession or what kind of high-level of education was requi...

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5 of Rob Ford's Biggest Blunders

First in Canada and now in the wider world, Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford is something of a celebrity. Over the course of a few years, he’s been at the centre of high-profile scandals both in and outside c...

The Biggest

5 Iconic Lead Roles These Actors Passed On

Imagine: you’re an actor who's being considered for a role in what promises to be a big movie. The film might be a little riskier than what you're usually known for. You meet with the director, talk a...

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Infidelity Around the World in 10 Facts

Being monogamous isn't always a walk in the park. As much as we may love our partner, numerous studies suggest that humans simply aren't naturally monogamous creatures; so, for some, it can be a huge ...

The Biggest

America's 8 Biggest Black Market Industries

We’ve all heard of the elusive and menacing “black market.” It seems reasonable to believe it's a dark and dangerous place. In reality, it's worse; it’s an entirely lawless ground, and as such it is n...

The Poorest

5 Poor Literary Writers Who Became Rich

It’s safe to say that the choice to be a writer isn't a guarantee that fame, fortune, and success will follow. Most of the time it’s quite the opposite, and while many aspire to be writers, not very m...

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