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Joseph Fargo

University of Guelph MA Sociology graduate. Pro wrestling writer. Very amateur comedian. Hearthstone enthusiast.

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15 Most Copied Signature Moves In Wrestling

Joseph Fargo

Everyone always copies from everyone else. Even if one is convinced that their idea is truly original, one can not escape the influences in their originality. Borrowing from one person, and …

15 Weirdest Things The Hardy Boyz Have Ever Done

Joseph Fargo

Matt and Jeff Hardy, brothers from Cameron, North Carolina, collectively dubbed The Hardy Boyz, have certainly left their mark on professional wrestling. Beginning their careers in their own grassroots indy …

Top 15 Wrestling Podcasts Every Fan Needs To Listen To

Joseph Fargo

Wrestling fans love to talk wrestling. However, most people that the wrestling fan interacts with on a day-to-day basis are largely uninterested by professional wrestling. A wrestling fan may waltz …

14 Wrestlers You Didn’t Know Tried Stand-Up Comedy

Joseph Fargo

“Funny doesn’t equal money.” That phrase is thrown around the wrestling business by those who believe that comedy gimmicks, or comedy angles in the main event of a wrestling show …

11 Classic Gimmicks WWE Should Rip-Off In 2016

Joseph Fargo

If you watched the World Wrestling Federation during the mid-90s, you will remember a roster filled with crappy gimmicks. Garbage men, repo men, clowns, dentists, plumbers, hockey and baseball players …