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2015 Chicago Auto Show

Top 10 Most Googled Car Brands in the World

It's amazing to think that “googled” is now an actual word in the dictionary. It might as well be, considering it is now a widely used term to describe searching for something on the world’s most popu...

Ultra Miami Florida
The Biggest

Top 10 Largest Music Festivals In The World

What do most people think of when they hear the words “music festival”? Typically their minds are drawn to the image of Woodstock and a muddy field invaded by hippies selling tie-dye shirts and grille...


The 15 Most Hated NFL Players in 2014

The NFL is filled with players who people just do not like. It goes far beyond inter-team rivalries. Every fan has their favorite teams and their favorite players, and more often than not they have a ...

The Biggest

The 10 Most Overrated Drummers of All Time

There are a lot of jokes among musicians about the drummer. This is one of them: “'Hey, where is the drummer?’ ‘Oh, he is backstage drooling on himself.’” There is a good reason these jokes have persi...

Sports (old)

The 15 Most Overhyped Athletes of All Time

Overhyping players happens every day. Turn on the television and you will see some “expert” saying how great a player was or how great he is going to be in the future. A lot of times those experts blo...


Top 10 Most Popular American Beer Companies

It is official. The three largest producers of American beers are no longer owned and operated in the United States. Anheuser Busch was purchased by the Belgium company, Inbev. Miller-Coors is owned b...


Top 10 Most Overrated NFL Players This Season

The 2014 season is in full swing. We are now starting to see that some of our preseason predictions are not turning out like we planned. Some teams we expected to not be any good have turned out to be...


Top 10 Most Expensive Homes of Pro Athletes

A few years ago there was a commercial on television which showed actor Charlie Sheen driving a car through his house. At the end of the commercial he looks into the camera and states “I love house ar...

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