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Joey is a human being that enjoys writing things for the internet to read. He also loves wrestling shows, Marvel movies, consuming frozen yogurt and observing red pandas.

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15 Unbelievable Revelations About Vince McMahon


Vince McMahon is one of the most polarizing names in all forms of entertainment. The vision of McMahon allowed WWE to take wrestling into the mainstream. You can’t knock his …

The 15 Highest Paid Athletes Of 2017


The metric for finding out who are truly the highest paid athletes in all of sports are hard to compare. We usually know the salaries stars get from their teams …

15 Struggling Wrestlers With Absolutely No Hope


The state of the wrestling industry currently provided numerous options for performers to make a living. WWE is obviously the biggest promotion with talents needed to fill Raw, Smackdown Live, …

15 Legendary Wrestlers That Didn’t Respect Their Fans


The relationship between wrestlers and wrestling fans is very important for one’s reputation. Unlike sports, production isn’t what decides how a wrestler will succeed ahead in the wrestling business. Fans …

15 Wrestlers Who Were Sabotaged By Triple H


The reputation of Triple H is quite positive today. Wrestling fans love him for the changes he has made for WWE. We have witnessed the rise of NXT and a …

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