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Jessica Beale-Roberts

Jessica is a full-time copywriter and former paramedic from South Africa. Her first book, Paramedic Girl, is available on Amazon.

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15 Celebs Who Hate What Got Them Famous

Jessica Beale-Roberts

No matter how carefully an actor or performer tries to plan their career, very few of them can actually choose what they become famous for. They might try to pick …

15 Celebs Who Were Once Told They Had No Talent

Jessica Beale-Roberts

Let’s be honest – not all celebs have talent. Some just get to be famous because of their families but that doesn’t mean they have any real skills. It just …

15 Actors Hollywood Refuses To Cast Anymore

Jessica Beale-Roberts

We all tend to have this idea that once you make it big in Hollywood, life is easy from there on out. Work will just magically appear and life will …

15 Things We Totally Missed In American Horror Story

Jessica Beale-Roberts

Although American Horror Story is an anthology series, meaning there is a different storyline in each season, there are several threads, themes, and hidden Easter eggs that tie all the …

15 Things We Didn’t Know About The Cast Of AHS

Jessica Beale-Roberts

Now into its seventh, disturbing season, American Horror Story doesn’t seem to be losing momentum. The hit horror anthology has been confirmed for an eighth and nine season, meaning we won’t …

15 Movies The World Can’t Wait To See In 2018

Jessica Beale-Roberts

Movie studios book their release dates well in advance, so it’s not too soon for us to start making predictions about which movies are going to blow us away in …

15 Things Deadliest Catch Execs Don’t Want Us To Know

Jessica Beale-Roberts

Since it first aired in 2005, Discovery Channel documentary series, Deadliest Catch has been keeping audiences on each of their sofas, covering the events of crab fishing vessels on the icy …

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