Articles by Jerimy Grafenstein

10 Weird Things You Didn't Know Animals Do

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Like people, animals do some pretty strange and fascinating stuff. Most of the time it’s for a very good reason, but that’s not always the case. Mother Nature is a mysterious being and it’s never more...

10 Movies That Are So Bad They’re Good


Hollywood doesn’t always turn out gut-wrenching dramas which keep us on the edge of our seat and win Academy Awards. Sometimes, especially during the slower summer months, they just want to turn a pro...

10 Shocking Tales of Real Life Espionage

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If popular media has taught us anything it’s that the glamorous life of a secret agent seems to be filled with sexy women, tuxedos, martinis, expensive gadgets and heart-pumping excitement. Somehow we...

10 of the Worst Cars Ever Made


Ah, the proverbial lemon. At one time or another we’ve all purchased a wreck of an automobile that just doesn’t ever quite work right. Over the years we learn the hard way to change the oil and mainta...

The 10 Dumbest Superheroes Ever Conceived

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No matter how hard we try, we all can’t be Batman. The same holds true for other superheroes. Despite the best intentions of the writers and creators, not all of them can be billionaire playboys with ...

10 of the Most Dangerous Religious Cults

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What are the most dangerous cults in the world? Before we get to that, let's start with the basics. A cult is defined as a system which venerates one particular individual, ideal or object. They can b...

10 Amazing Athlete Homes

Sports (old)

Fifty-years ago American athletes lived a lot like you and I. They worked second jobs in the off-season and lived in middle-class neighborhoods scattered throughout America. Oh my, how things have cha...

The 10 Greatest Boxing Matches of All Time


Few things are as thrilling as witnessing two evenly-matched combatants battle it out for twelve rounds in the ring. Every so often the planets will align and two men will deliver a fight for the ages...

10 of the Most Lopsided Trades in MLB History


Ah…the trade. Fans love them and teams use them to shore up the rough spots of the roster, to cut deadweight or to improve the chemistry of the team. Sometimes they work out for both teams and everyon...

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