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National Money

Top 10 Richest Italians in the World

When we think of wealthy people our minds drift towards American, Japanese and Chinese technology magnets and businessmen. We generally don’t give much consideration to most of our European counterpar...

The Biggest

The 10 Most Poisonous Animals in the World

We all have a lot of irrational fears. Snakes and spiders are two big ones for a lot of people, as just an example, but there are a shocking number of animals in this world that can incapacitate or ev...


10 of the Strangest Foods in the World

The diet of the average American is rather – well, horrible at times. We eat breaded and deep fried processed pink chicken goo that may or may not have once been part of a real chicken, but it looks a...


10 Celebrities Who Let Themselves Go

Life is hard. Stress about money, love and work overwhelm us on a daily basis. It’s easy to let some things slide. When it comes to food we find comfort, especially in food that tastes good and is awf...


The 10 Most Expensive Yachts in the World

The yachting life is one filled with luxury, relaxation and class. Today’s yachts are filled with more technology, gadgets, and amenities than most five-star hotels. In them you can find bars, swimmin...


GLASS: The Oceanic Penthouse of Your Dreams

Having massive quantities of unspent cash can be problematic. You’re constantly forced to decide between vexing choices like purchasing that new BMW or Jag, which ten bedroom house you want and in whi...

The Biggest

The 15 Tallest Skyscrapers in the World

Humans, we’re an odd sort. We always want to outdo one another, and in many cases continually better our own accomplishments. Bigger, stronger, faster, higher; we can’t seem to excel enough. We’re con...

Job & Salaries

The 10 Best-Paying US Jobs in 2014

The best path to an extremely high-paying job still lies with a college education. But it takes more than just an ordinary college education; an advanced degree is almost certainly required to secure ...


The 10 Most Terrifying Movie Clowns Ever

We’re not afraid to admit it; we’re terrified of clowns. There’s something inherently unsettling about the painted mask, the false smile, the leering grin, and the bloody knives they carry around with...

Celebrity Money

Top 10 Richest Female Pop Stars

Gender issues being what they are, women have always struggled to gain equal footing in the workplace. One area where women have often had some success in equality is in the entertainment business. Mu...

The Biggest

The 10 Most Intelligent Animals on Earth

We humans don’t always give animals their due. Sure we love our pets and enjoy the random sighting of a wild beast now and again, but most of us consider them "merely" animals and by their very definition they are not as intelligent as human beings.


10 Best Selling RPG PC Games of All Time

We all love a good adventure. That’s evident in the money we spend on seeking out ways to lose ourselves in other worlds in order to avoid the humdrum of everyday life. The rise of role-playing games ...


Top 10 Must-Watch EPL Players in 2014-2015

The transfer season has begun and players are already moving to new teams. Soon enough the Premier League season will begin. It’s time to choose sides and sift through the rosters to find our favorite...

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