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High Life

10 Of The Most Spoiled Celebrity Kids

Looking back on our childhood, the word "spoiled" had a totally different connotation than it does today - especially if you're fortunate enough to be an offspring of one of Hollywood's elite. Take a ...


10 Wild Celebrities Who Finally Settled Down

Back in the day, there were some celebrities who were so wild, so out of control, and so notorious for their bad behaviour that no one would have batted an eye had they just faded into obscurity. But ...


10 Sexy Celebs Who Have Posed Nude For PETA

Though you may find it hard to believe, some celebrities are willing to do anything - even if that means forgoing modesty and posing nude to show their support for something  they strongly believe in....

High Life

10 Unorthodox Ways People Pay For Tuition

What cannot be disputed is that post-secondary education is expensive. According to the not-for-profit organization The College Board, in the Unites States alone, university costs have risen from appr...


17 Of The Most Overlooked Celebrities

Why do some celebs get all the love while others who are just as talented and attractive seem to struggle? Here are 17 underrated celebs who deserve just as much (and in most cases more) acclaim and a...


10 Celebrity Mansions Once Owned By Other Celebs

Celebrities love to share with other celebs. They share, agents and wedding planners, hairdressers and clothing stylists, sometimes, they even share their significant others…But that's a whole other s...


The 12 Best-Dressed Celebrity Children

This one's a no-brainer: when your parents are style icons, how could your children be anything less? The famous offspring of Hollywood's elite would be mortified if caught wearing track pants, flip-f...


10 Secret Celebrity Weddings

A wedding - especially for a woman, is often one of the most important days of her life. It's something she's dreamed about and has started to plan from a very young age. Today, weddings have become m...


20 Most Memorable Cannes Fashion Moments

The Cannes Film Festival is known as being the glitziest and most glamorous fest in the world of cinema. Each year, the biggest stars in the world flock to the south of France to celebrate how rich an...


10 Former Celebrity Roommates

Way back before they were household names, before fame and fortune became their destiny, some of your favourite stars shacked up with other soon-to-be celebrities who were on the path to becoming the mega A-listers they have become today.


16 Of The Most Overrated Celebrities

The 16 celebrities on this list may be some of the most famous personalities in the world but have you ever really stopped to wonder why? Are these celebs really more talented, better looking and more...


10 Male Celebs Who Waited Until Marriage

How often do you hear a man say he plans on holding on to his virginity until he meets 'Mrs. Right'? What about if he doesn't plan on doing the deed until his wedding night? Practically unheard of, ri...


15 Stars Who Waited Until Marriage

Remaining a virgin until marriage was once considered an honourable thing for a woman to do -  it was even the norm for most. Today there are less people making the decision to wait until marriage.  A...


10 Celebrity Star Crushes Revealed

Just because they're extremely rich and incredibly famous, your favourite A-listers aren't immune to the charms of other celebs - they crush on the same actors and musicians the rest of us do. And for...

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